EL SER UNO I – The Arcana of Thoth

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EL SER UNO wishes to thank you for buying the English edition of these e-books. An important part of the proceeds will be used for its translation into other languages… that LIGHT and LOVE may guide you all forever.



What is EL SER UNO?
It is an important message from the Elder Brothers-Ayaplianos of the Antimatter (spiritual) Reality of Alpha Centauri which has been received via telepathy and channeling. The Elder Brothers belong to the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Dimension, parallel antimatter realities to the third dimension of planet Earth. The events covered in the books EL SER UNO range from the birth of the universe to the formation of the planet, its evolution and destiny, but had formerly been transmitted to the ancient societies of Lemuria and Atlantida. This knowledge urges humans to wake their conscience and realign it with the canons of the universe to be able to retrieve and sort out what has so deeply remained hidden in their minds for millennials. EL SER UNO will have you explore your vast material, psychological and spiritual universe and help you discover: Where you come from; who you are; and where you are heading for! It will not be easy reading as the abundant material requires all your attention, broadmindedness, patience and discipline. But you may find answers you have been searching for too long already.

With LIGHT and LOVE.


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